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Dust in your eyes? Dust in your nose and ears? You want to find the most economical dust control solution?

We’ve been there and know howto help with all your dust control and dust suppression requirements.

As one of the best solution providers,  our dust suppression equipment and choice of water distribution method that’s not only right for your site and application but right for your budget too.

Belive us, our unique misting technology of these highly innovative spray cannons has taken your dust control to a whole new level.

The Right Solution For Every Dust & Odour Problem!

Our reliable and cost effective spray cannon’s are suitable for every type and size of site – whether that’s indoors or outdoors. They are already working hard on thousands of dust suppression projects including:

  • Demolition and asbestos removal sites

  • Concrete production plants

  • Recycling sites and biomass processing plants

  • Soil remediation works

  • Landfill sites

  • Pergola on the city road

  • LS Enviro-Tech is a market leading global environmental specialist company which develops dust suppression, odour control , industry cooling, and pest control solutions for the mining& quarrying, construction, cement, demolition, waste recycling, and agricultural industries.

  • Our mission is to help create dust free working environment and to provide our clients with innovative and sustainable dust suppression systems. Our systems are extremely durable and require very little maintenance and replacement parts.

  • Our skilled and dedicated team offers our customers a complete design, manufacture and installation service. We use our experience and expertise to find solution to your specific dust or odour problem.

  • We provide comprehensive, environmentally friendly solutions and work on our reputation for excellence, reliability and for forming enduring partnerships with our clients.


Dust control fog cannon


  • We Supply Personalized Service
    We don’t provide a cookie-cutter service, by asking lots of questions, we can try to really understand what the client’s problem is, and then work hard to design best solutions. If we believe that we can not help, we will say no. Our clients can rely on the solutions and feel relax happy to cooperate with us.

  • We Provide Innocation in Mist Sprayer System
    We LS EnviroTech are the experts in the innovation, design, and manufacturing of mist fog cannon sprayer, primarily for the dust suppress, humidification cooling, odor control and pest control market. With a strong focus on understanding key markets, we aslo serve industrial and agricultural business across domestic and abroad.

  • We Are Dedicated to Our Clients’ Success
    We view ourselves as a vital part of each of our client’s teams and know our success hinges on them being successful. We have worked with many of our clients for years and attribute our high client retention rate to our responsiveness to their marketing needs and consistent dedication to their ongoing success.